Amazon Firestick No Signal

Are you one of them who are frustrated with the problem of the Amazon Fire Stick No Signal message on your TV screen? And don’t know how to resolve this issue.

So here is the solution to the Amazon Fire Stick No Signal problem. So if you want to learn how to resolve this problem, then this post is totally for you. In this post, we will cover the following topics which are evaluated by our Experts which are given below:

  • Why Amazon Fire Stick No Signal message appears on the screen.
  • Fire Stick HDMI “no signal”
  • Quick fixes for Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues
  • Getting No Signal Message on your Fire TV while Setup
  • Before moving towards fixing the problem, we must know the reason or the possible causes behind the Amazon Fire Stick No Signal issue.
Fire TV Stick No Signal

Reasons Behind Amazon Fire Stick No Signal Message:

Have you ever thought why Amazon Firestick No Signa message appears on your Fire TV screen? Let we will describe all the feasible scenarios that are possible for the cause of NO signal error.

1. Due To Some Issue With HDCP: If you are using an old TV set, then the chance of getting an HDCP issue is very high. HDCP is a kind of error in which you won’t get any output simply No Signal

HDCP unauthorised content disabled

2. Not using the authenticated power brick: If you are utilizing the USB port of your TV set as a power source to your stick, instead of the included authenticated power brick it will result in “No Signal message” on your TV screen.

3. Issues due to previously connected device’s settings: This issue originates due to the previously saved settings of the device that was earlier connected to the same HDMI port to which you have connected the Fire TV stick.

4. Hardware issue from the HDMI ports or the HDMI cable of the TV Set: If your HDMI Port or HDMI cable is faulty, it will also lead to the Amazon Fire Stick No Signal and the streaming issues with Fire TV stick.

incorrect HDMI

5. Defected Amazon Fire TV Stick: This happens in very rare scenarios that your Fire TV stick itself faulty. But it can happen sometimes. And, need not mention any defect of Fire TV stick will originate the No Signal for Amazon Fire Stick.

6. Interrupted Wi-Fi connection and Un-adaptable Router settings: If your Wifi connection is interrupted and has frequent disconnection problem, it will also cause the problem of No Signal message on your Fire TV screen.

firestick technical support

Basic Troubleshooting Guide – Amazon Fire Stick No Signal

You are aware of that for the proper functioning of the FTV stick, both HDMI cables and HDMI ports are very crucial. If you encountered the problem of NO Signal message on your FTV screen, despite checking and assuring everything is adequate with The Fire TV.

Fire Stick HDMI no signal

Then the ratio of error with HDMI Ports and HDMI cable is high. However, to fix the HDMI error, you can do the following troubleshooting steps as stated below:

  • Initially ensure that your HDMI cable should be connected tightly with the HDMI port and to the right port. Also, ensure that HDMI cable should be free from cuts and scrapes.
  • If connections are tight and connected to the right port, then try to connect the HDMI cable to another HDMI port by using an authenticated HDMI cable.
  • Also, ensure that the HDMI ports are in working condition by connecting another device. Sometimes HDMI ports become deteriorated due to some physical defect.
  • In case, if HDMI ports are in working condition, try using random HDMI cables. It is advised that to use the HDMI cable that has Pin 13 removed.
  • You may also try to use the power converter box. But it also requires other cables like VGA and 3.5mm cables.

If the issue still persists and you unable to solve the Amazon Fire Stick No Signal problem, then try executing these steps.

  • Power off your TV set and detached the FTV stick from the FTV HDMI port.
  • Also, disconnect the FTV stick from the power source.
  • Wait for at least 10 minutes.
  • Now reconnect the Fire, TV and Fire TV Stick to the power source.
  • Reconnect the Fire TV stick with the functional HDMI port of Fire TV.
  • Now tap any button from the Fire TV remote, just ensure to wait for a few seconds as it takes 2-30 seconds to execute the input command.

Note: Your Fire TV remote must be in working condition.

Quick fixes for Amazon Fire Stick No Signal/ Streaming Issues:

If your TV shut off automatically while streaming with Amazon Fire Stick and No Signal message appears on your screen. Then you are totally in the right place to learn how to get rid out of this issue.

These are the expert quick fixes that definitely will resolute the No signal issue with Amazon Fire Stick in no time.

Power light indicator must be static: If the TV’s power light indicator LED is fluctuating or automatically turns “off” while streaming, then something is wrong with either the power cord or with the power plug and socket.

Power Light Indicator

Power cord/plug/socket must not be damaged: Examine your power cord, plug, and socket. There should be no cut or bends in the power cord. You can check the cord to a different socket to check that the socket is not damaged to which you earlier connected the power cord.

Power cord plug socket

Check HDMI cable connections: HDMI cable connections should be tight with the HDMI port. If they lose it will result in HDMI no Signal message error.

Fire Stick HDMI no signal

Check the functioning of the HDMI port: Any hardware impairment of the HDMI port of your TV can be the cause of this error. Try this fix- disconnect the HDMI cable from the HDMI port and plug it back in after 15 seconds.

HDMI Port Functioning

Selecting correct resolution: Incorrect resolutions also create a streaming issue with your Fire TV stick. It is advisable to select the correct resolution.

Selecting Correct Resolution

Check your Internet Connection: Your internet must be in an active state and have an adequate speed for the proper functioning to avoid streaming issues.

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Getting No Signal/Connection Message on your Fire TV While Setup – Resolution

Are you one of them who are getting No sign a message on your screen while trying to set up an Amazon Fire TV stick. Well, the reason behind this may be a poor internet connection or wrong hardware setup. But with this troubleshooting guide, you can set up your Fire TV stick error-free.

Amazon Fire TV getting no signal connection

So here are the quick fixes recommended by our experts to get rid out of this problem.

  • Before examining any other thing, firstly check your internet connection. Is your connection is working or not. In case if it is not working then please contact your Internet Service Provider to fix the problem.
  • If your internet is in working and have good speed, then examine the hardware setup of the Fire TV. All HDMI power cords and connections should be tight and connected to the corrected one.

Do This:

  • If everything stated above is checked and working properly and still there is No signal error on your Fire TV screen then follow these steps.
  • Firstly check your ethernet cable if you are using. Is it connected to the ethernet port correctly or not? Also, check its condition, it should be free of any cost, scrapes or bends. Also, ensure both ends are connected tight.
  • Power cycling your router. Disconnect the router from the power source and wait for 15 seconds. Now again connected the router to the power source.
  • Also power cycle your Fire Stick and Fire TV set.
  • To connect the Fire TV to the Ethernet cable you will Ethernet adapter for FTV stick. Make sure you are using the original and authenticated ethernet adapter manufactured by Amazon.
  • In case if you prefer the WI-Fi connection and facing the connectivity issues, then read Fire stick won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Note: If above-stated steps do not help you in fixing the problem, then follow the advanced troubleshooting for the Fire Tv stick “no signal” as stated below:

firestick technical support

Amazon Fire Stick “No Signal”: Advanced Troubleshooting

If you have performed all the above fixes for the issue of Amazon Fire Stick No Signal, and still didn’t get any resolution, then follow these advanced troubleshooting steps to get rid out of this problem which is stated below:

Correcting HDCP Issues:

If you experience the No Signal problem on your FTV screen, then it might be an issue with HDCP. HDCP is basically protection (High Bandwidth Digital Protection)). But sometimes you face a problem with this protection which is a very disturbing one.

Mainly with the Old TV sets. In any case, if your old TV set is not feasible HDCP, then you will face such an issue while streaming HDCP compliant content on your old TV set.

HDCP Error with Fire Stick

How To Fix HDCP Error:

The best solution to solve the HDCP error is to use the HDMI splitter. You can use it in between the output and the display device. It will help you in solving your HDCP issue.

Reset Fire TV And Fire TV Stick to default factory settings:

In the scenario of getting no signal on Fire TV screen, reset is one of the best ideas which acts as the boom in solving the problem.

If you thought that resetting of Amazon Fire TV stick device is easy as pressing the reset button, then you are totally wrong.

As there is no such reset button is available on the Amazon Fire Stick device. To reset/ reboot the Amazon Fire TV Stick device, there are two options which we have listed below:

By Using the FTV Remote:

To reset the Amazon Fire Stick TV with the help of TV Remote then do these steps:

  • Press and hold the “Previous and Right” button of your Fire TV Stick remote simultaneously.
  • Keep it hold, until you see reset screen on your Fire TV display.
  • Use your PIN if you have set anyone.
  • Select Reset and wait until your Tv restart, It might take a few seconds to restart.

By Using the System Menu:

To reset the Amazon Firestick TV with the help of the System menu, then do these steps:

  • Open the Fire TV menu.
  • Navigate to “Settings”.
  • Then navigate to System On the Right side.
  • Open slide-out menu, scroll down until you find “Reset To Factory Defaults”.
  • When you select “Reset To Factory Defaults” you will need the parental/security PIN.
  • Select the “Reset” and wait for the device to restart.

Note: In case if you face any kind of issue with the PIN, simply connect your device to the router through Ethernet cable or connect to another network.

While doing Amazon Fire TV Stick Reset for troubleshooting Amazon Fire Stick No Signal or streaming issues with FTV stick, keep in mind some few things:

1. Amazon Fire Stick reset will not modify /degrade the software version of the device.

2. Also, neither it will affect the Clockwork mode recovery (if you have) nor the Kernel Boot Menu.

Diagnosing Network Settings For Amazon Fire Stick No Signal:

If the reason behind no signal for an Amazon FTV stick is due to some network issue, it can be solved by just following the basic steps:

  • Open the System menu on the screen.
  • Navigate to Settings on the bottom side of the sidebar.
  • Under Settings go to Network.
  • Press the Play/Pause button for a few seconds.
  • Now an issue with Network will detect and diagnosed by the commands on your screen.
firestick technical support

If you are getting low Wifi signals then do the following quick fixes to solve:

1. Firstly check the distance between the router and the Amazon Fire TV stick. If Amazon Fire TV Stick is far from the modem/router, please reduce the distance between them. Also, ensure there should be no obstacle in between them.

2. Change the channels if you have a dual-band router.

You can use the HDMI extender to place your FTV stick a little away from the backside of the HDTV to avoid congestions.

  • Finally, if still, you are getting No signal on your TV screen, connect the FTV stick directly with the router /modem through Ethernet cable. For this, you may require Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV devices.
  • If Still your problem of Amazon Fire TV Stick No signal not solved by using Ethernet cable, then perform a power cycle on the modem/router. Unplug the router /modem from the power source and wait for at least 15 to 20 seconds and then plug it back again.

However, if the issue of getting low signals still persist, please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Amazon Fire TV Stick Not Connected To Wifi – Troubleshooting Guide


After doing all the basic as well as advanced troubleshooting steps for the problem of Amazon Fire TV Stick No Signal or streaming issues as mentioned in this post, and still, you didn’t get any solution for that, then there is something that you are missing while troubleshooting. Or might there will be a chance that your Amazon Fire TV Stick device is faulty.

In both cases, take guidance or support of experts will save your efforts and time.

Also, if your fire stick is under warranty period, we recommend you contact your retailer from which you have purchased it, prior to contacting technicians.

If you can’t wait and require instant assistance, you can chat with unofficial Fire Stick experts through a chat window available at the right bottom of your screen or also contact them by dialing Toll-Free Fire Stick helpline number – 800-948-6047.

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