Amazon Fire Stick Reset Fix – Solved 2021

Let’s see how to reset the amazon fire stick in this article. The Amazon Fire TV stick is a dongle type device that is developed by Amazon (world’s largest eCommerce company) that can deliver digital audio/video content streamed via the internet to a high-definition television by using various services like Hulu, Netflix and many more. Every streaming stick is sensitive to errors and then as the amazon fire TV stick. Sometimes Amazon Fire TV stick not works and prevents you from watching your favorite show or movie. It is really a very annoying situation, for which you are right here to read this article.

Like any other device, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is helpless to imperfections, for example, a black screen stuck at one application, blank screen, arbitrary applications opening or infrequent hangs. These issues sometimes lead absently with a factory reset. In any case, how might one reset the Fire TV Stick? That is the thing that we will let you know here. Regardless of whether you have the Alexa Voice remote or not, you can reset it utilizing the back to back strategies.

Amazon Fire Stick Factory Reset Using Remote

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If you have the remote of the amazon fire stick, then go for amazon fire tv stick reset by following:

  • ·   From TV Settings

For that, observe these walks:

1: Power on your TV & connect fire stick with it.

2: When the fire TV stick is working, run the navigation button showed at your remote for exploring to settings at the top to choose.

3: Controlling the navigation button, scroll to the right & select my fire TV.

4: Scroll down and select Reset to Factory Defaults.

5: A dialog box will pop up. Ask the Customer Support Helpline professionals about how to manage the pop-up box. And how it is connected with the resetting of firestick. It might get around 5-8 minutes. You will accordingly need to set up the Stick after reset stage 5. Call the specialists for this.

  • ·   With Using Remote Buttons

Sometimes the Settings screen isn’t visible due to a frozen system or black screen. In such type of situations, you can take the help of your Stick’s remote to reset it to factory settings. To reset amazon fire stick with remote switches, press & hold the right & back buttons of your remote at the same time for about 10 seconds or more. This will launch the reset process. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

  • ·   With Using Other Remote

If your family member or colleague owns a similar Fire TV Stick like yours, you can get their remote and combine it with your Fire TV Stick. At the point when it’s paired, you can manage it to explore and reset your amazon fire stick simply as you did in the early strategy.

Factory Reset Amazon Fire TV Stick Without Remote


If your amazon fire stick remote is not working, you may easily run the techniques for resetting fire TV stick.

  • ·   Applying the Fire TV App

Amazon has fire TV applications for both iOS and Android devices that will give you a chance to manage the Fire TV stick navigation process on TV.

All you require to move is download the application on your Android or iPhone and interface with a similar WI-Fi chain as of Fire TV Stick and it will reach up in the application. Tap on it. A four-digit code will show up on the TV screen. Along with the point in the application and utilize the application for controlling the fire tv sticks navigations. Along these lines, progress to Settings > System > Reset to Factory Reset as you did in the early stage.

  • ·   Use Your TV Remote

You may just utilize HDMI CEC technology for controlling your Fire TV stick by running your TVs remote. For that, you require to enable the CEC setting on your TV. Setting names and locations can separate from television to television and location to location.

How to Reset Amazon Fire TV Stick Without Wi-Fi & Remote

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In the raised strategies, either you need a connection to a remote or you should be on the same Wi-Fi to control the app. But what if you have ignored your remote at home, your TV doesn’t support CEC, and you have a specific Wi-Fi connection for your app?

In such conditions, you require to imagine the Fire TV Stick into believing that you are on the previous WI-Fi network. For that, either change your wifi router’s name and password to the completed WI-Fi network, the Fire TV Sick was utilizing or make a hotspot association from your mobile with a similar secret key and a name as your initial WI-Fi.

This would connect your amazon fire TV stick & your phone to the same Wi-Fi. You may help the fire TV app on your phone for handling the controls & finally reset the fire TV stick.

What Can You Work out with a Fire TV?

With Amazon Fire TV, you can watch streaming videos, play games and do better on your TV. 

Watch Streaming Videos

Not extraordinarily, the Fire TV is incredibly firmly connected with Amazon’s streaming video services. You can take a look at the content from huge amounts of service providers like HBO go, HBO now, sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, Netflix and higher. The Amazon fires stick has no applications for Apple iTunes or googles play recordings.

Listen to Streaming Audio

Fire TV gives you a chance to experience plenty of music and sound applications. You may also like most of their music services like Spotify, iheart radio, Sirius XM, or Pandora.

Play Games

There are free and paid games accessible for both devices, comprising of profoundly supported ones like Cross Road, Candy Crush Saga, and Minecraft. You may have a different gaming controller for utilizing it with games you need to play.

Get Information

Each model of fire, TV accompanies the Alexa artificial intelligence program. It lets you experience your preferred content to play on Fire, TV, and Fire TV stick. It can provide you with news, meteorological forecasts, sports scores and much more.

Calling the Amazon Fire Stick Experts for Reset Work?

If the problem still exists after doing all the above troubleshooting steps, then you are missing something or may your Amazon Fire TV stick is faulty. At that time you can call us at our toll-free number 877-590-2114 which is given on our website We feel proud to help you to get out of the problem and help you out in understanding how to reset the amazon fire stick.

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